CBF Services 

Personal training - Enhance strength, fat loss, and flexibility utilizing many methods, styles, and types of equipment to help you achieve YOUR goals

        in the most efficient manner.

Kettlebell training - All facets of kettlebell training are taught with strict attention to safety and  effectiveness.  

Throws training - Enhance your abilities in the shot put, discus, javelin, hammer, weight, super weight, and ultra weights.  

Individual sessions, small group classes, and seminars are available. 

        By appointment/reservation only.  Class sizes are limited for safety and effectiveness.

CBF Class Schedule

          Tuesday and Thursday -  6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

​                  Call for Reservations

CBF Rates

                  Private 1 hour sessions for 1 or 2 people : 
$95 - $120 per 50-70 min. session

                 Private 30 minute sessions : $45 per session

                 Small Group Classes : $20 per class or 10 classes for $150 (reservations required to secure your spot in class)

                 Private 2 hour seminar (up to 10 people) : $300


Check with your physician before beginning any new training and/or diet program.
Train barefoot or in flat, thin soled shoes.
IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. “I (Insert name here) am always responsible for my own safety and the safety of those around me.”
Stay focused and alert.
Always make sure your line of fire is clear.
Never cross into someone else’s line of fire.
Never compete for space with a kettlebell, If a kettlebell wants to twist or pull you in an unsafe way, ABORT. Guide it, Pitch it, or Drop it and MOVE.
Use common sense.
Inform trainer immediately of any changes in your ability to perform physical activity.
Always sign in/out for each session/class.
Always follow instructions.
Prepaid packages are nontransferable, nonrefundable, and have expiration dates. (10 session package expires 3 months from the first session)
Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to avoid charges.
Excessive cancellations can result in package forfeiture.
Repeated violations of policies and procedures can result in package forfeiture. 

CBF Testimonials

Rated 10 out of 10

One of the best decisions I ever made was to train with Dave in my preparation for the RKC Certification. He is a stickler on form, wrote some extremely well thought out programs for me and has a wealth of knowledge that benefited me greatly. We trained very hard, smart and methodically to get me prepped for the grueling 3 day certification weekend. Without Dave's help it would have been extremely hard to pass so I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to train with him for four straight months leading up to the cert. Keep providing the great service Dave!!!! Thanks again.....

Brian RKC - Scottsdale, Az 


Rated 10 out of 10

I have been training with David Bickel for over two years. He is very well informed and experienced with different training techniques and keeps current with knowledge about exercise and fitness. Dave will customize a workout to fit your needs and it is so nice to have a private setting. There are times when working out after a long day seems like the last thing I want to do. After an hour with Dave, I feel completely rejuvenated! 

I would highly recommend Dave!! 

Peggy Janik - Scottsdale, AZ 


Rated 10 out of 10

David knows that I am by far one of the biggest whiners out there.  I was very honest when I started working with David about 4 years ago that I hate doing things I'm not good at and working out was at the top of the list.  Well, after four years of David listening to my constant whining, I don't hate working out anymore.  It seems these days anyone can say they are a personal trainer with little expertise or training.  David is at the absolute opposite of the spectrum.  Who wouldn't want to learn from someone who is always furthering their education?!  David never misses out on a chance to learn more, improve his teachings and gain more knowledge.  His passion for what he does transforms into a different, fun, well-planned workout every time you see him.  He makes sure that you understand why each exercise is important, what to expect, and what the goal is.  I like to know what I am working towards/for so his method works beautifully with me.  I swore that when I bought my first package with David it would only be to prove that working out was not for me.  Well, four years later, I am a believer and dare I say, a David Enthusiast!  When David integrated the kettlebells into our workouts I thought he must think I am stronger than I am.  What I realized is he was right, I am stronger than I thought I am.  Every time we work out with the kettlebells, I walk away feeling stronger and in better shape.  Nothing is better than when your friends comment on it too and that has definitely happened a lot since the introduction of my dear friends, the kettlebells.  So, in short...David Bickel plus Kettlebells = A Great Workout Plan for Life that Will Keep You Smiling!!! 

Carrie Neidorf - Phoenix, AZ 

Kettlebells are FUN!

Rated 10 out of 10

Dave Bickel has been my personal trainer for almost two years. The amazing thing is that previously I did absolutely nothing as far as a steady workout. I have tried many different types of exercise programs but within the first two weeks I would become disinterested.

Working one on one with Dave has changed my life and I hate to admit it, but I miss working out if I have a schedule conflict. This is a combination of the type of workouts and the one on one attention. The kettlebell workout has been the most challenging and the most fun. Yes, I said fun. It is a total body work out which spreads out the "pain" evenly. I have progressed gradually and know that I continue to improve with each session.

Thanks Dave!

Margie Burke - Scottsdale, AZ 


Rated 10 out of 10

Dave is an awesome instructer who has an incredible amount of knowledge in his profession. He has my trust. Dave and his kettlebells, those funny looking torture devices (lol). I am most impressed by Daves philosophy of working out the total body and not isolating on one thing .He has helped this couch potatoe maintain an 80 lb. weight loss for more than a year and has taught me that personal fitness is a lifestyle and not a means to an end. I had two trainers prior to Dave and never felt their commitment to me as I feel from Dave. It is amazing to me to have a trainer that continues to update and upgrade his methods. He is very flexible with my time considerations. I believe I lucked out in finding this under the radar personal trainer. 

Jim Hall - Phoenix , Az. 

My Legs Hurt...

Rated 10 out of 10

I love to work out, and Mr Bickel definately has tought me the correct approach to getting a SAFE and COMPLETE workout at the same time. I feel a total workout after every session. 

Katie C-High School Student - Scottsdale, AZ 

a trainer at his best

Rated 10 out of 10

I have been training with Dave for four years now, it has been the best experience of my life. He is very strict with technique and proper lifting and i feel that is what makes a weight lifting coach. He goes through everything in a step by step process explaining everything very clearly. He makes lifting hard but very satisfying when you see the improvements and changes of yourself. He is a fun guy and loves what he does and I thank him for getting me where im at. 

Mike Salley - Scottsdale,AZ 

Great Workout, Great Instructor

Rated 10 out of 10

I have only been training with David for 4 months, but I already see great results. I have a lot more energy, better posture, greater muscle definition, and a positive attitude. I have been to personal trainers before, and I feel fortunate to have met one who is as knowledgeable, supportive, and firm as David is. He makes every workout a challenge and I look forward to the sessions and having the strong body that I desire. 

Michele Freeman - Scottsdale, AZ 

So worth it!!

Rated 10 out of 10

After 4 pregnancies, years of "the wrong approach" and way to much prograstination; I contacted and started working out with David a year ago. I have been so pleased with my results and am thrilled with the kettlebell workout effect. It is amazing how 20 minutes can make such a big impact! I have complete faith in what David may introduce in our workout sessons, and trust that it will always be a safe and effective approach. 

My only regret; I didn't call earlier. 

Madonna Cooper - Scottsdale, AZ 

Completely Balanced

Rated 10 out of 10

Having trained with David Bickel for over 2 years, my husband and I are in the best condition of our lives. David is by the far the best trainer I have ever worked with and has motivated me to push new limits with my training in a safe and effective manner. I was a bit leery of the kettlebells, but his enthusiasm is contagious. He focuses on teaching proper techniques to prevent injury, and reviewing the basics to make sure we are doing each exercise correctly. Each session we add a bit more to keep advancing and improving our strength and endurance. We end with a cooldown and stretches to reduce muscle pain and increase flexibility. Very excellent. 

Rae Rader - Scottsdale, AZ 


Rated 10 out of 10

I am genetically blessed with being slim. Slim does not equate to being in good shape no matter what they tell you! Even the thinnest of us must work at that part! Some people love to work out. Not me. I am a pro at coming up with a myriad of "creative avoidance" reasons to forego working out at all. But not with David! David Bickel has been my trainer since 2004. His commitment to technique, continual variety and tailoring workouts to me instead of the "typical" canned/one size fits all approach used by many trainers has kept me religiously showing up at his facility twice a week for all these years. Each workout is an adventure. My body has been looking great! Since David incorporated kettlebells into our workout, I have become even more shapely and sculpted. Several years ago, I wouldn't be caught anywhere with bare arms. But now, with my "movie star" arms, I LOVE to go sleeveless! Not bad for a "grandmother" of 64 years! Recently at a 65th birthday luncheon for a friend (I WAS wearing sleeveless!) several women commented that they "wish" they had arms like mine. I said, "Don't wish it! Go see David!" 

Hope Ozer, Publisher CITYSunTimes - Paradise Valley, AZ 


Rated 10 out of 10

After having a baby, I was quite disheartened at the thought of losing weight and gaining the strength I lost after almost one year of not working out really hard. However, Dave really helped me build strength mentally and physically with a balanced kettlebell routine. I feel that I am in better shape now than before I had a baby and when I work out with Dave I feel proud of myself after every kettlebell workout because of his training and support. His aptitude and professional knowledge of strength building are true assets to his success as a trainer. 

Melissa - Scottsdale, AZ

CBF Competitions


November 17, 2012


Margie Burke 145 #

Rae Rader 160 #

Joe Loomer 185 #



Liz Walters 65 #

Rae Rader 75 #

Margie Burke 95 #

Lisa Bickel 100 #

Joe Loomer 145 #

Frank Rader 145 #

Peter Gooding 200 #



Liz Walters 130 #

Rae Rader 175 #

Margie Burke 195 #

Denise Johnson 185 #

Lisa Bickel 200 #

Joe Loomer 250 #

Frank Rader 400 #

Peter Gooding 270 #